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At the Headache and Migraine Centre we use our 3 step tailored process and long initial consultation times to get to the cause of your Headaches and Migraines.

Step 1 Initial Assessment

You initial assessment will go for 90 minutes and during this time we will do the following:

Medical History

A full medical history will be taken to gather all the information about you and your Headaches and Migraines, including their frequency, duration, severity, triggers, medication and medical tests.

Safety Testing

In the upper neck we will test both the vertebral arteries and ligament stability to ensure that treatment can proceed safely.

Physical Examination

By examining the upper part of the neck (the upper three levels), we can determine the presence of a commonly missed mechanical problem in less than 30 seconds.

The joints of the upper neck will also be tested for common reproduction of Headache and Migraine pathways.


If the mechanical problem is found treatment will begin to correct it and restore normal bio-mechanical function to the upper part of the neck.

In about 20% of all cases the mechanical fault is not found and combining this with no ability to highlight Headache or Migraine pain pathways, treatment will not go ahead.

Explanation & Management Plan

A full and comprehensive explanation will be provided to you about the cause of your Headache or Migraine, followed by a management plan on how we can work together to influence you pain in a positive way.


The initial block of treatment involves four treatments over two weeks, including an re-assessment.

Each Appointment

During the two week block, the goal of each appointment is to focus on restoring normal bio-mechanical function to the upper neck.

It is this bio-mechanical problem which sends continual afferent neural information from the neck to the brainstem, resulting in your brainstem being sensitised, over-reactive, and ready to give you a Headache or Migraine.

By restoring bio-mechanical balance to the upper neck, in the majority of cases we have an excellent result by significantly reducing your pain and even resolving it completely.

In order to achieve a permanent positive change and restore normal function to the neck, these appointment needs to be close together. If they are spaced too far apart then its like starting from the beginning all over again.

So lets stick to the plan that achieves the best results – two treatments per week for two weeks.


Following the four sessions we will re-assess your current Headache and Migraine pattern, looking for positive changes.

If you and I are both happy with how things are going you’ll progress to step three – the spacing out of treatment.

At this time we may even decide to challenge your Headache and Migraine pattern by introducing one of your known previous triggers to see how you may now react.

If your pain and Headache and Migraine pattern is unchanged treatment stops, I will then discuss with you other treatment options and refer you back to your GP with a letter to further discuss these options.


After completing the initial block of four treatments you will have noticed a reduction in your current level of pain and symptoms.

The bio-mechanical issue in the top part of your neck should now be under control and the joints should be less sensitive. This enables us to move forward with spacing out treatment, and most patients find that they go on to have 3 – 4 treatments with an increased time gap between each visit.

We commonly follow the following steps:

  • one week gap
  • two weeks gap
  • one month gap

Majority of our patients follow this treatment plan to completion. From this point treatment may conclude or an further follow up appointment maybe made.

Each step in your treatment plan will be comprehensively discussed with you and developed for you, to support you in the best possible way.

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